Cloud Computing And The Advent Of The ‘Third Platform’

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A new report from IDC emphasizes the disruptive impact of what it calls the “third platform” — the next-generation IT built on a foundation of cloud computing, mobile, social and Big Data, according to a recent article. I agree with IDC’s basic message, but the idea that everyone is replacing legacy systems with cloud services is a bit far-fetched.


How To Align Your IT Strategy Investments With Larger Business Goals

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With any organization, there’s only so much money available for investment — that’s why I suggest CIOs and other IT leaders make an extra effort to align their IT strategy with the company’s overall business goals. This is particularly important with investments in cloud computing, as the concepts may be new and challenging for many people.


Why Virtualization Still Has A Place In IT

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Some say companies and IT professionals should focus on cloud computing instead of on-premises solutions like virtualization. But virtualization certainly has a place in the IT environment, at least for the near-term. If your organization is going to be using a hybrid environment, virtualization offers the best approach to the on-premises portion.


2 Strategies For Integrating Legacy Applications With Your Cloud Strategy

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Many organizations have legacy systems that stand in the way of a forward-looking cloud strategy. In industries like manufacturing, CIOs may feel stuck between continuing to use very specific legacy systems while steering the organization toward cloud computing. Fortunately, there are two solutions to this seeming dilemma.


Tailoring Your Cloud Strategy And Network Optimization Planning

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Your company’s cloud strategy should reflect your goals: If that goal is network optimization, you might focus on different tactics than if your main goal was reducing capital expenditures. I always recommend organizations take the time to ask, “Why do we want to use the cloud?” Narrowing down these reasons is helpful, especially at the outset.


Most Data Centers Are Far From ‘Fat-Free’ When It Comes To System Utilization

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Most data centers are a bit flabby. Instead of pursuing optimum system utilization as a “fat-free” data center, data center managers and customers would rather be inefficient than risk their uptime, according to a recent article on “Fat-free” is an intriguing goal, whether you’re talking about network optimization or running data centers.