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ClearPointe Becomes Windows Azure Circle Partner

ClearPointe has been selected to join the Windows Azure Circle Partner program, a group of specialized Microsoft partner organizations that provide deployment planning services for organizations interested in moving to the cloud utilizing Windows Azure. “We are incredibly excited to join this elite community of Microsoft Partners. As a Windows Azure Circle Partner, we will have more tools and resources available to help clients improve their business with the Cloud and Windows Azure,” said ClearPointe CEO, Jeff Johnson. Since 1993, ClearPointe has led the industry in providing Microsoft based solutions to remotely monitor and manage clients’ on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. With...
Posted by on in Cloud Services

Leveraging The Business Value Of Your Cloud Strategy

value-of-cloud-strategy | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock
Cash is easier for a CEO to understand than the finer points of cloud computing. When a CIO closely aligns cloud strategy with current business initiatives, they find it much easier to gain support from executives and business leaders. The key is for the CIO to couch cloud benefits in terms relevant to business concerns and objectives. When CIOs and IT leaders tell me they’re having trouble gaining support for their cloud strategy, my advice is to focus on business value. Cash is easier for the CEO and the board to understand than the finer points of cloud computing, so avoid getting bogged down in technical details. When a CIO closely aligns their cloud migration strategy with current busi...
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PaaS Cloud Services And Today’s IT Landscape

Many companies are moving servers to the cloud, but I urge them to look further ahead. As IT continues to evolve beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and virtual machines, I see Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as the future for cloud services. According to a recent article, Azure Web Sites now offers upgrades that place it among the top public PaaS services.

Posted by on in Cloud Services

Brave New Cloud: DevOps And PaaS

The efficiencies of programing in a cloud environment are tearing down the last walls between IT developers and operations, blending them into a new DevOps role. To my mind, the ideal cloud environment for this DevOps role is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It’s a whole different way of looking at things, and it eliminates so much capital expense.

Posted by on in Cloud Services

Secure Identity Management In A Hybrid Cloud Environment

Keeping track of multiple passwords is a headache. As enterprise users try to juggle new logins to work in a hybrid cloud environment, strategic identity management has become a necessity. As your company develops its roadmap to the cloud, I’d suggest single sign-on in your cloud strategy, and addressing identity management in your security audit.

Posted by on in Data Monitoring and Management

Even ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Cloud Services Have Security Risks

Some cloud services now offer “zero-knowledge” storage in which only customers are able to unencrypt their data. A article questions the claims of these storage providers, pointing to a potential vulnerability in the encryption process. It’s arguably more useful to be aware of security risks than trust anything to be 100-percent secure.

Posted by on in Data Monitoring and Management

5 Tips For Avoiding A Compliance Crisis With Your Cloud Services Provider

If you trust your cloud services provider to handle compliance for you, you’d better prepare for a RGE — a “resume-generating event.” The responsibility for appropriate data security and record keeping ultimately rests on your company’s shoulders, so compliance needs should be crystal clear. Here are five tips for avoiding a compliance-based RGE.

Posted by on in Cloud Services

Including Ongoing Security Assessments In Your Cloud Strategy

Even if you have a good handle on security for your own enterprise data center, make sure your cloud strategy recognizes the different cyber-attack risks you face in a cloud environment. Understand what level of security is available and appropriate for your organization, and that cloud attacks may differ from what you’ve faced in the past.

Posted by on in Infrastructure Management

Eye In The Sky: Monitoring Your Cloud Services

While using cloud services often lightens the load for your IT team, too many organizations mistake the cloud for a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Cloud computing provides basic servers on commodity hardware: low-cost resources, not infallible ones. As an article notes, companies should actively manage and monitor cloud services.

Posted by on in Cloud Services

5 Cloud Strategy Considerations When Designing Your Network

designing-your-network | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock
It’s so easy, fast and inexpensive to spin up servers in the cloud that it’s tempting to try simply correcting course as you go, without really having an explicit cloud strategy. While cloud services often allow much greater flexibility and scalability than on-premises solutions, you still need to slow down and think it through.  A successful cloud migration always comes back to a good cloud strategy and good planning. Here are five considerations to keep in mind when designing your cloud-based network. Develop clear specifications before moving to the cloud: I recommend approaching cloud migration with the same rigor and level of detail you would bring to an on-premises initiative....
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